How does a match work?

Each match is split into six individual two and a half minute games. To win a game you have to eliminate all opposing players by either hitting them with a ball, or catching a ball they’ve thrown at you. If there are still players left when the time has expired the team with the most players left will be declared the winner. The team who wins the most games will win the match.

How can I enter a team?

It is a very simple process to enter a team, all you need to do is fill out a short booking form on the ‘enter a team’ page on our website and pay a £20 entrance fee – processed securely through google checkout on the same page. Unlike most competitive sports leagues we will refund in full your entrance fee if you decide to leave the league, providing you do so at the end of a season and you haven’t missed any games.

How much does it cost, how many players compete per team and who can play?

It’s £20 per week per team (£23 in Manchester), six players will compete at any one time but you can bring a squad of up to ten players, this means it’s often less than £3 per player. We have huge variety of age groups currently competing in our leagues and both males and females of all ages over 16 can play.

How does the league work?

Fixtures for each league are compiled at the beginning of a season and posted on our website. Each week your team will two 20 minute matches and results and league tables are updated on a weekly basis. Over the course of a season you will play all the other teams in the league twice, or four times in a smaller league.

What if I want to play but I can’t get enough players together to form a team?

There are always teams looking for extra players to boost their squad so if you or a small group of friends are interested in joining a team, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll do our best to find a team for you. See ‘Get Involved’ for further details.

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